Saturday, May 19, 2012

MAONON Invasion, A Hidden Sanctuary

        Maonon, a coastal barangay, is Ligao City's largest,occupying 10.12% of the City's land area or 2,493.57. Dubbed as the City's Summer Capital, it has a long stretch of almost 6km clean coastline and unexplored beaches..

       At present, a large portion of Maonon Bay was declared Fish Sanctuary and Marine Reserve; and is a good venue for diving activities because of its growing population of fish and corals. Many tourist attractions are yet to be developed like the pristine fine beaches from Sitio sabang to sitio tambac;and the Busay Falls (1km from Brgy Proper). Maonon is almost 51 kms from Ligao City Proper or a 1.5hr drive in a private vehicle. It can be reached by land and sea. Its barangay proper lies along the West Coast National Road 13km from Pioduran,the nearest urban area. The Bacong-Abella-Maonon Road, which is at present, under construction will cut the travel time going to and from the place. 

 I've heard a lot of testimonies about how beautiful Maonon is, from a roller-coaster road which traverse from the peak of a Mountain range, Inviting Blue Sea and Clean Shore,White Sand, Amazing Rock Formation, Crystal clear water, Mangroves, beautiful water creatures and Perfect Sunrise and Sunset view in Maonon Bay. 

I was encouraged to go visit and see the beauty of Maonon for myself. Together with my friends we explored the fascinating Maonon with the company of a friend who resides there. I was really amazed, one thing that I can describe "Paradise". I am fascinated to the place and amazed how the people preserved and take good care of the place. The people are good very hospitable and friendly.

Perfect time to visit Maonon is during their Fiesta Celebration, Last week of March, lots of activities provided by the Barangay Officers. It is  a must to bring important things to maximize the fun. The long travel was a bit tiring but its worthy. Walking along the shore, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Sunset viewing, Camp Fire and Boating are some of the activities that we've tried and there's a lot more to do. It is really a place where we can unwind and escape from the noise and pollution of the city. 

It was an unforgettable experience, I have proved myself how beautiful the place was. It was indeed a place were  I will surely be back for.

(I'll be adding more photos,. (~,*),..)


  1. tambac shoreline is hereabouts right?

    have you been back? how are the lodgings I wonder...

  2. Hi how to get to maonon beach? Do you have contacts there?