Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Important Things to bring (Travelling, Outing, Camping, Swimming, etc.))

1. Extra Clothes ( shirts, pants, undies, etc.)
2. Toiletries        ( tooth brush, soap, facial or genital wash, towels, etc.)
3. Easy pack foods ( Canned Goods, bottled water, Chips, etc.)
4. Pocket Money ( Bring any amount that will suffice your needs and wants)
5. First Aid Kit    ( Safetyness is a must )

Important things to be packed
*** These stuffs is a must whether going on a long-term or short term travel, well-off or budgeted.
There are other things that you will also be  needing, like knife(be sure you kept it safe), fashionable clothes that are needed, appropriate attire, Camera for photos, Music Stuff, Playing Cards, Sun Blocks or  Lotion, Sleeping Bag or sheets, and Separate bag or plastic bag for wet or used stuffs and also for the mess or the trash that we used.

My Important Advisory: Prepare all things that you will be using the Day Before the travel to avoid cramming on preparing your important things to bring and to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. ..(@,@)..

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