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Bicol Festival and Events


An annual fun-filled summer festivity every May, immortalizing the timeless love song, Sarung Banggi, and a tribute to its composer, POTENCIANO V. GREGORIO. The entire colorful performance is shown at nighttime when the street parade routes are brightly lighted with large torches. The whole town become a true picture of rural life with the multitude of people occupying the streets to watch and join the night time merriment. 
--Sarung Banggi Festival
Street Parade

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bicol Festivals and Events

Magayon Festival

LEGAZPI CITY — Magayon Festival, Albay’s foremost festivity that overwhelms and excites tourists and visitors to explore the magic and mystery of the province’s mythical past with a fresh outlook.

It is a month-long celebration that includes close to 150 events that feature culture and the arts, trade and industry, tourism spectacles, culinary food trips, sports and special interests. Its aim is not only to showcase the artistry and beauty of spirit of the Albayanos, and provide fun and excitement, but will also offer opportunities to promote and enhance trade and tourism designed to advance Albay’s drive towards the fulfillment of its socio-economic development goals.

With its world renowned tourist spots such as the Mayon Volcano and the Cagsawa Ruins. Magayon Festival showcases the beautiful myths of Albay's origin.

Highlights of Events
Sayaw kan Tulong Bulod
(Dance of the Three Mountains)
Newest event of Magayon Festival 2012, it is a play that tells the story of the three sister mountains – Magayon, Masaraga, and Malinao which is actually the legend of Mayon Volcano, written by multi-awarded Albayano writer Abdon Balde in the vernacular. 

 Mutya ng Magayon Festival

A pageant which has already produced world-class beauty titlists.

Naimah Abdirazack, Mutya ng Magayon 2012

 Ginoo ng Magayon Festival

Jasper Lemuel Velarde, Ginoo ng Magayon 2012

Mr. and Ms. Magayon Bikini Open

(Parade of Giants)

a parade of giant effigies which are all Albay mythological characters.

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WOW!! Sto. Domingo Albay...

Sto. Domingo Map
Map of Sto. Domingo Albay

Sto. Domingo is a 4th class in the municipality of the province of Albay. Sto. Domingo was a former barrio of Ibalon, then the Municipality of Albay, now Legazpi City. It became a separate Municipality in 1749 through the uproar of its inhabitants and under the leadership of Don Diego Castellanos who took the matter first to the authorities in Manila, and to the Bishop of Ambos Camarines.

The town of Sto. Domingo was originally named Libog. Albay historians say that there were a number of stories on the origin of the name Libog. One version is that libog was derived from the Bikol word “labog” meaning unclear water for there was a time when there was no potable water anywhere in the locality. Another has it that the town might have been called after “labog” (jellyfish), which abound in its coastal water. “Libod” (behind) is another version because the town’s position is behind the straight road from Legazpi to Tabaco across Basud to Sta. Misericordia. Another version is the corrupted form of the word “libot” which means round about or winding way. In the early days of Spanish invasion, there were two routes passing through this place to Tabaco: one trail was straight or a short cut and the other was a round about (libot) way passing through the center of the town (via Poblacion).Hence, this town was named “El Pueblo de Liboug”, by the Spanish conquerors.

Sto. Domingo, Ruins

In 1816, one hundred fifty-nine (159 Moro pirates and six (6) vintas attacked the town, taking them one captive, Juan De la Conception, who was able to return after 30 years. The attack prompted the people to construct watchtowers and walls along the shores, which served as their shelter from attacks. Ruins of there walls are still existing.

 Sto. Domingo Church

Sto. Domingo, Albay Church
Saint Dominic of Guzman Church
Built in 1820, the Sto. Domingo Church has two dome-shaped belfries, framing the main structure, which is the reason why it’s sometimes referred to as the Twin Belfry Church. It is built from solid squared stone walls unsupported by pillars, held together by a mixture of lime, “tangguli” (molasses) and egg albumin. This is the same binder used in other old churches like the Baclayon Church in Bohol.

St. Dominic of Guzman Church, Sto. Domingo, ALbay
St. Dominic of Guzman Church, Sto. Domingo, ALbay
The first church was made of wood and basag (bamboo split). Here the statue of the patron saint Sto. Domingo (St. Dominic de Guzman), whose feast is observed every August 4, was placed. When the church was burned in 1882, the Spanish priests built a new one the present artistic church with “piedras ladradas” chiseled balustrades and twin domes.

Resorts and Beaches

Sto. Domingo, Beaches

Sto. Domingo, Beaches
Sto. Domingo, Beaches
The beaches in this area are best for viewing. Resorts along the Sto Domingo coastline offer a wonderful view of the black beach, the Albay Gulf and a part of the Legazpi City area. Some resorts offer entertainment facilities. Some have private pools.

Sto. Domingo, Black Sand Beaches
Sto. Domingo, Black Sand Beaches
 Sto. Domingo,Albay-- One need not travel to Hawaii or Maui, where some of the top black-sand beaches are, to see one of the most beautiful pure black-sand beaches in existence. The Sto. Domingo beach in Albay, here in the Philippines is one of the purest, finest and most authentic black-sand beaches in the world.

Manhattan Beach Resort

(Calayukai, Sto. Domingo, Albay)

Manhattan, Sto. Domingo Albay

Manhattan, Sto. Domingo Albay

Puerto Vista Resort
(Sto. Domingo Albay)

Puerto Vista, Sto. Domingo Albay

Puerto Vista, Sto. Domingo Albay

Barrios Kid's Pool
(Sto. Domingo Albay)

Barrios Kid's Pool (Sto. Domingo Albay)

Barrios Kid's Pool (Sto. Domingo Albay)Barrios Kid's Pool (Sto. Domingo Albay)

Jungle Beach Resort
(Sto Domingo Albay)

Jungle Beach Resort (Sto Domingo Albay)

Jungle Beach Resort (Sto Domingo Albay)

Jungle Beach Resort (Sto Domingo Albay)

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