Monday, June 4, 2012

Bicol Festivals and Events

Magayon Festival

LEGAZPI CITY — Magayon Festival, Albay’s foremost festivity that overwhelms and excites tourists and visitors to explore the magic and mystery of the province’s mythical past with a fresh outlook.

It is a month-long celebration that includes close to 150 events that feature culture and the arts, trade and industry, tourism spectacles, culinary food trips, sports and special interests. Its aim is not only to showcase the artistry and beauty of spirit of the Albayanos, and provide fun and excitement, but will also offer opportunities to promote and enhance trade and tourism designed to advance Albay’s drive towards the fulfillment of its socio-economic development goals.

With its world renowned tourist spots such as the Mayon Volcano and the Cagsawa Ruins. Magayon Festival showcases the beautiful myths of Albay's origin.

Highlights of Events
Sayaw kan Tulong Bulod
(Dance of the Three Mountains)
Newest event of Magayon Festival 2012, it is a play that tells the story of the three sister mountains – Magayon, Masaraga, and Malinao which is actually the legend of Mayon Volcano, written by multi-awarded Albayano writer Abdon Balde in the vernacular. 

 Mutya ng Magayon Festival

A pageant which has already produced world-class beauty titlists.

Naimah Abdirazack, Mutya ng Magayon 2012

 Ginoo ng Magayon Festival

Jasper Lemuel Velarde, Ginoo ng Magayon 2012

Mr. and Ms. Magayon Bikini Open

(Parade of Giants)

a parade of giant effigies which are all Albay mythological characters.

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